As Professor Emeritus I teaches social psychology and psychoanalysis at the Institute of Psychology of Károli G. R. University in Budapest. I am a trainer in the following psychotherapeutic methods: psychoanalysis, group analysis, psychodrama, dance and movement therapy, supervision, coaching. The trainings are held at the Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society and at the Hungarian Psychodrama Association.

Special Scientific Certifications

  • Candidate of Sciences (CSc) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Psychology (1986)
  • Habilitated Doctor in Psychology (University of Debrecen, Hungary, 2003)
  • Special certifications: teacher, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor (state diploma), trainer psychoanalytic, trainer psychodrama psychotherapist (Hungarian and international association certificate), supervisor.

Places of work

  • Hungarian Radio Tele-communicational Research Centre, Department of Social-psychology: scientific assistant
  • ELTE Institute of Sociology, Department of Social-psychology: Senior Lecturer
  • Hungarian Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry: part-time psychotherapist, supervisor (1987-2003)
  • Károli G. Reformed University, Institute of Psychology, Department of Social-psychology: university teacher, professor Emeritus.

Other professional activities

  • Hungarian Psychoanalytical Association: trainer psychoanalytic, member of the Committee of Studies
  • Hungarian Psychodrama Association: trainer psychodrama psychotherapist and supervisor

Researches, themes of researches

  • theoretical questions in psychoanalytic practice:
    Sibling relationship; Trans-generational trauma; Dream analysis;
  • applied psychoanalysis: psychodrama and supervision in practice
  • psychoanalysis in teaching practice(archive) the relationship system in the family and communication
  • (archive) drug addiction and its relation to the personality
  • (archive) the application of psychodrama in self-experience and therapy